Vintage Retro Male, Female, and Kids Mannequins: The "Retrolux" collection.
Vintage Female, Male, Kids Mannequins

Retrolux Collection of Male, Female & Kids Mannequins

Retro Vintage male and female mannequins. These female mannequin heads are available on any body from the Luxe or Metropolitan collections. The male mannequin heads are available on any body from the New York/London, Citizen M or Citizen Red Line collections.

All heads are available on 3/4 and shirt forms. Please contact us for details.


"Retrolux" Vintage Mannequin Collection
Baby 1-2 YR - Neutral, Standing Mannequin Body
Danny 4-5 YR - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
Nancy 6 YR - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
Wesley - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
Henry - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
Jess - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
Ronnie - Male, Standing Mannequin Body


Baby - Neutral,  Mannequin Head
Danny - Male,  Mannequin Head
Nancy - Female,  Mannequin Head
Wesley - Male,  Mannequin Head
Henry - Male,  Mannequin Head
Jess - Male,  Mannequin Head
Ronnie - Male,  Mannequin Head
Helen - Female,  Mannequin Head
Betty - Female,  Mannequin Head
Mary Red - Female,  Mannequin Head
Norma - Female,  Mannequin Head
Mary Blond - Female,  Mannequin Head