Vintage Art Deco Mannequins: The "Tamera Nouveau" Collection
Vintage Female Mannequins

Vintage Art Deco Female Mannequins for sale: Tamera Nouveau Collection of Vintage Female Mannequins

Vaudeville is proud to introduce Tamara Nouveau vintage mannequins for sale in the art deco style of Tamara de Lempicka.

All Tamara Nouveau mannequin heads are available on any body that Vaudeville Mannequins offers, including any pose shown in our Luxe or Metropolitan realistic female lines at no additional charge.


C11 with AN12 Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
HC7 with AN13 Head
C1 with AN12 Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body



AN13P - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN12D Cameo - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN15P - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN13D - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN12D - Female,  Mannequin Head


Jewelry & Millinery Displays

DMJ84 AN11S - Female, Mannequin Millinery and Jewelry Display Head

These Art Deco female mannequin styles are widely used for bridal salons in place of the ubiquitous black dressmaker forms so often seen.  They were recently used for one of Bergdorf Goodman's famed Christmas windows, and have been seen at speciality stores and boutiques including a famed retailer in Dallas, Texas.  You'll also see them at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the French Parfumerie, and other Downtown Disney locations.  As with all Vaudeville Decter mannequins, the Tamera heads will work with any pose seen in the Luxe, Metropolitan, Photogenic and other Vaudeville groups.  We offer these at no additional charge.