Smiling, Happy Mannequins: The Smile Collection
Smiling, Happy Female, Male, Kids Mannequins

Male and female smiling, laughing mannequins that actually are happy to be here. Any Smile head is available on any mannequin that Vaudeville offers, including women's poses from our Luxe and Metropolitan collections, at no additional charge. Male heads are available on any men's mannequin pose from the Arriviste collection. Wigs shown are priced separately.


Smiling mannequin for sale C1 with Rielle Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
C5 with Sonja Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
C11 with Renee Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body, Madera Finish
C11 with Renee Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body, Cocoa Finish
H40 3/4 with Laughing Girl Head
H40 with Laughing Girl Head
YA12 with Sonja Head - Female, Seated Mannequin Body
G217 with Head - Female, Child, Standing Mannequin Body
G217 with Head - Female, Child, Seated Mannequin Body
6 Year Old Girl, G61 Head


C1 with Rielle Head - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
Renne Portrait - Female, Standing Mannequin Body
Cliff Portrait - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
Harry Portrait - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
G217 - Female, Seated Mannequin Body
G61 Six Year Old Girl Head

If you need trade show mannequins, these are terrific.  Expensive, yes-but guaranteed to stop traffic in the aisles, and create conversation with your clients.  We're happy to ship directly to your venue, although we do insist on shipping for the earliest arrival that the venue will allow.  Like all Vaudeville Mannequins, these are made to order.  Please order with plenty of time to spare, typically 8 weeks, although we can supply these with as little as 6 weeks lead time.  We often supply mannequin styles for trade shows at Jacob Javits Center in New York, NYC, as well as for shows as the McCormick Place Convention Center, and of course, the Los Angeles Convention Center.  And of course, should you need Las Vegas mannequins at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it's fairly easy for us to ship there.

Trade show rental mannequins (mannequins for rent) are available from other vendors in Las Vegas, Miami, Florida, and Dallas, Texas.  Please contact us, and we'll supply you with names.  Although we believe that you'd be better off with a high-quality mannequin from Vaudeville to present your products, we do know that sometimes, that isn't cost effective.  Mannequins for rent are very hard to find in markets like Detroit, Michigan, Philadephia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois.  As a matter of fact, most cities do not offer mannequins for hire any longer.  

Please also take a look at our other lines to find styles suitable to present your product at market.

The mannequins shown here were first introduced at JC Penney stores all across America in the mid-1960's (mostly 1964-1969).  They're still just as relevant today.  Decter was the very first mannequin company to present African American mannequins in the 60's, and we still make some of the very same faces.