Realistic Female Mannequin Heads for Wig Displays and Hats
Female, Male Heads

Mannequin Heads for sale in female realistic, male realistic and abstract styles from Vaudeville Mannequins.

Whether you're selling lacefront or other wigs, you already know that a good mannequin head can help a woman envision herself in that wig. Vaudeville mannequin heads are the best. Beautiful, high quality heads, hand-made here in America. Each face is completely hand painted by artisans, down to the individual "hairs" in each eyebrow. These female mannequin wig heads are heavy and made to last.

Offered in African American mannequin heads (black mannequin head), Asian mannequins heads, Latina / Hispanic mannequin head, and Caucasian (white mannequin head) styles, these wig heads will present your merchandise in a way that sells. Realistic mannequin head choices that are worthy of your expensive lace front beauties!

Should you need a male head or a millinery head for hat display, please contact us.


Lorna Cameo - Female,  Mannequin Head
African American Black Mannequin Head Che Cameo - Female
African American Black Female Mannequin Head for Wigs for Sale
Anjolique - Female,  Mannequin Head
Charlotte - Female,  Mannequin Head
Liliana - Female,  Mannequin Head
Kinsley - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN13P - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN12D Cameo - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN15P - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN13D - Female,  Mannequin Head
AN12D - Female,  Mannequin Head
HD212-34 - Neutral,  Mannequin Head
HEAD 30" - Neutral,  Mannequin Head
HEAD 36" - Neutral,  Mannequin Head
Lorenna Cameo - Female,  Mannequin Head
African American Black Mannequin Head Shayla Cameo - Female
Paula Cameo - Female,  Mannequin Head
365 Cameo - Male,  Mannequin Head
Andy Cameo - Male,  Mannequin Head

Jewelry & Millinery Displays

DMJ183-360 - Female,  Mannequin Head
DMJ84 Susan SN - Female,  Mannequin Head
DMJ83 Paula SN - Female,  Mannequin Head
DMJ83 Taylor SN - Female,  Mannequin Head
DMJ84 Saika SN - Female,  Mannequin Head
DMJ83 Maxime Ivory - Female, Mannequin Millinery and Jewelry Display Head

Our realistic female mannequin wig heads are currently used by upscale wig stores across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco California (our factory is in California, and we have long been a West Coast favorite!).  Our African American heads are currently seen in St, Louis, Cleveland, Akron, New Orleans, and Baltimore.  Our "Lorna" wig head is a favorite of hospitals and other medical facilities that offer wigs to patients recovering from chemotherapy.

All Vaudeville mannequin heads are made just the way we make our full-body mannequins-by hand, and with the utmost quality.  Each head is made from heavy fiberglass and resin (none of these cheap blow-mold type imported heads).  Once the head is cast, we finish it with a base coat, then a second base coat after sanding, then a top coat, then a protective top layer.  Our artists paint each face by hand, and you can see each "hair" in the eyebrows.  There's a coat of gloss in each eye to make them more realistic, then eyelashes are applied.  The total effect?  High realism and beauty designed to sell the wig that's displayed. Because, after all, selling your product is what our mannequins are designed to do.