Atelier Mec
Modern Male Mannequins

Atelier Mec Collection of Male Mannequins

Modern male mannequins by Vaudeville. Abstract, contemporary, classic. A timeless, clean look that never dates itself, never overshadows the garments it sells.

The Atelier mannequin is appropriate for surfer boy, suit and tie, and everything in between.

All Atelier models are available in Ivory, Jasper Black, Carerra White, Satin White, Thunder Gray, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Metallic Silver, or Metallic Gold at no additional charge.

The Atelier style is also available in women's and children's mannequins.

All Atelier mannequins are available in any custom Pantone color. There is a minimum order of two mannequins for custom colors/finishes.


PRI1 - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
PRI2 - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
PRI5 - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
M150 - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
PRI6 - Male, Standing Mannequin Body
PRI1 3/4 Atelier M - Male, 3/4 Mannequin Body


  • Full Mannequin:


    Standard with glass base.

  • 3/4 Mannequin:


    Standard with brushed steel floor base.

  • Size: 40R
  • Waist: 31"
  • Shoe: 11
  • Average Height: 6'2"


Jasper (black)
Carrera (white)
Sandoval (warm neutral)