Modern Female Mannequins

Atelier Collection of Female Mannequins

Atelier. Classic egg head female abstract mannequins. Modern, simple, and timeless. Based on the Metropolitan Museum Costume Exhibitions perfected by the late Diana Vreeland, editor of Vogue. A perfect way to display upscale clothing.

As with all Vaudeville Mannequins, the Atelier head and finishes can be used on most of the poses that we offer, even from other groups-and at no upcharge. Please contact us for details.

Available in Ivory (as shown), Jasper Black, Carrera (cool white), Sandoval (warm neutral), Gloss White, Gloss Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold at $859 each.

Also available in Pearl White or any Pantone color for an additional 20% upcharge (minimum order of two for Pearl or Pantone colors).


HC1 Female, Standing Mannequin
HC8 Female, Standing Mannequin
HC12 Female, Standing Mannequin
HC7 Female, Standing Mannequin
HC7 Female, Standing Mannequin
C11 Female, Standing Mannequin
HC5 Female, Standing Mannequin
H80 Female, Standing Mannequin
C9 Female, Reclining Mannequin
H70 Female, Standing Mannequin
Atelier collection of abstract female mannequins


1075 Female, 3/4 Mannequin Form Gold
1075 Female, 3/4 Mannequin Form Purple


  • Full Mannequin with Egg head:


    Standard with glass base. Atelier mannequins are also available in headless and 3/4 styles - please see our Limelight collection.

  • Size 4
  • Bust 34"
  • Waist 24"
  • Hips 34"
  • Height 5'9"-10"
  • Shoe 8.5


Jasper (black)
Carrera (white)
Sandoval (warm neutral)