Making sure that your plus sized customers feels welcomed.

Plus size mannequin female from Vaudeville Mannequins

Mannequins have traditionally been a current day size two or four.  Actual women, on the other hand, are usually not a size two....and plus sized mannequins are a good way to acknowledge all of your customers, not just the slender ones.

If your stores sells women's clothing in larger sizes, you should absolutely consider plus size mannequins in either an abstract, headless, or realistic style. A proper mannequin shows clothing properly-and helps your customer to relate and envision herself in an outfit.  And let's face it-high-end, expensive designer fashion wants to be presented on high-end, expensive designer mannequins, whether size 4 or size 24.

I'm always surprised that I don't see bigger mannequins and forms in more bridal salons.  There are many, many brides who wear a size 16, or a size 28.  Why wouldn't you let them know that your store offers gowns to fit them by displaying one in the window on an appropriately-sized mannequin?  The same goes for bridesmaid's gowns and formal wear-especially mother of the bride dresses.  A plus size mannequin with a mother of the bride dress would seem entirely appropriate and welcoming to the mother in most bridal salons, and could easily lead to additional sales.

And every woman, no matter what size she is, seems to dread shopping for a swimsuit-especially if she is a large size.  Showing swimsuits on proper mannequins gives a much better feel of what that suit is going to look like on her.

Of course, there are plenty of retailers who specialize in women's plus sizes dresses, jeans, coats, etc-but very few know how to "cut through" visually.  And really-it's not difficult to display plus-sized clothing properly, because it's presented exactly the same way as smaller-sized women's clothing is...on an appropriate mannequin or form, with good graphics, neatly and with style. 

We'll talk about graphics in an upcoming posting, because they're an easy, inexpensive way to make your store look polished and professional without spending a fortune.

The mannequins pictured here are from Vaudeville's Eugenie collection.  These are shown in our Ivory finish, but we really love them in shiny metallic gold or silver, or in our Gloss White finish (and our favorite?  Pearlescent...).   And, like all abstract mannequins from Vaudeville, we offer them in any and every Pantone color (that's one of the few things that we add an upcharge for, but it's worth it...).  If you want to see a few of the recommended finishes for our plus-sized mannequins, check out our 360 grouping.  Any finish that you see in 360 would look terrific on these Eugenie plus size female mannequins.


Headless plus size female mannequin from Vaudeville Mannequins



February 6, 2018