Patina V Bankruptcy and Closing

The Patina V mannequin company is closed and out of business.  And that is a very sad thing, indeed.

One of the last few mannequins companies that made the majority of their products in the United States, Patina was always known for flawless creativity, design, sculpting, and just overall top-drawer quality and style.  Their men were terrific, but it was in their women's realistic mannequin lines that they really set the tone for the industry.  Strong looking women, lovely and direct, and always in the best of taste-essentially a slice of Vogue magazine, but in 3 dimensions and right there on the floor of Barney's or Macy's or especially Victoria's Secret. 

The Victoria's Secret mannequins about 2010 created quite a stir.  Supermodel tall, with peek-a-boo hairstyles and the ethos of Maxim magazine, they evoked the enormously popular Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, and just like the televised shows, they wore tiny little bras and matching g-strings that bared a lot of "skin". There were malls and municipalities that asked VS to remove them from the windows, because they were just too scandalous. 

And they absolutely did exactly what mannequins are supposed to do-they brought fresh attention and PR to the brand, and shoppers in through the doors.  The stores look terrific now, with their classy upholstered forms and beautiful photography, but in the day, those Patina V mannequins brought sex appeal that was absolutely (and literally) traffic-stopping.

Every display company owes something to Patina, and every company has copied them in one way or the other, at some time.

Here's to Norman and Bob and Donna and Tony and Maryanne and everybody else at Patina, and especially their creative genius George Martin, who created a cohesive look and feel for a company that never wavered and never went out of style.

Patina V Closed -an example of their work.

March 17, 2018