One of our favorite resources for eye-catching display elements...

We have just made your day, and you don't even know it yet. Trust me.

One of our favorite vendors of eyecatching backgrounds, bead curtains, beaded chandeliers and other light fixtures is Wild Things.

Kathi and her crew carry pretty much everything sparkly that you can imagine. They specialize in beaded curtains that are a favorite of Hollywood set decorators-seen on the Emmy Awards, and the Oscars, and in countless movies. The best thing is that they will make some of their beaded curtains to custom lengths. That means that if you have a platform in the middle of your store for mannequins, and your ceilings are 16' feet high-just send them a note asking for 15.5 foot lengths. They'll make them for you, no problem.

They also do beaded columns as well. These are perfect for easy displays of formal wear, prom dresses, wedding gowns, and similar merchandise. They look like a million dollars, but are fairly affordable-but just like everything else in visual merchandising, the key is LIGHTING. If you used beaded curtains or columns, or anything similar, make absolutely certain that they are properly lit, otherwise, they just hang there like sad plastic beads. However, put a hot spotlight onto the mannequins standing in front of them, and all of a sudden, the backgrounds reflect that light like sheets of crystal.

Here's another good trick to get the most out of beaded "crystal" and similar decor.

These catch the light-and your shopper's attention-best if there is a slight movement to them. One of the best ways to do this is with a tiny black fan tucked discreetly behind a pedestal or a mannequin, aimed not-quite-at the bead curtain. The slight breeze will produce movement that will catch the light, and encourage the curtains or columns to shimmer.

Wild Things also offers all kinds of event planning decor, such as centerpieces, etc, as well as all of the latest iterations of decorative LED lighting, such as those tiny fairy lights on nearly invisible wiring. Many of the event decor elements are also appropriate for visual merchandising and display, both inside of a store and in display windows.

This company is definitely the best resource in America for bead and other display curtains, and they couldn't be nicer people (they're headquarted in a small town in Northern Arizona, Lake Havasu City). Told you we would make your're welcome!

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January 31, 2018