Mannequins with big smiles for sale from the company that first brought them to you in 1964.

Vintage 1960's  Female Mannequin for sale from Vaudeville Mannequins

The photo above is Sonja, a vintage mannequin who first appeared in every JC Penney across country sometime in the early-mid 1960's (we're pretty sure it was 1964).  We still make her today.

Department stores across America, from Seatlle to Dallas to Baltimore always used realistic, high-quality mannequins, just like the ones we continue to make today.  And JC Penney always used Decter smiling mannequins.

Every town in America, whether Las Vegas or Des Moines, had a JC Penney in the 1960's, and every JC Penney had Decter mannequins. 3/4 lingerie mannequins wearing brasierres and half-slips of Antron nylon, posed with butterflies and feathered birds in the Ladies Foundations department in San Diego. Smiling ladieswear mannequins with bouffant hair showing off the latest in 1966 fashion in Atlanta and Miami and Philadelphia. Peppy junior mannequins wearing swinging 60's frocks in Juniors in Sante Fe or Dallas or Boston. All of those memorable mannequins came from Decter. And we still make them now, along with a lot of other styles of premium, quality mannequins.

As a matter of fact, Decter was the very first mannequin company to offer African American mannequins (right around 1965).  And they were terrific.  Take a look at this trio from around 1967.   We still make two of those faces!

African American Black Mannequins 1960's from Decter Vaudeville Mannequins

This is Renee-done in a mixed race Afro-Brazilian skintone.  Pretty great, isn't she?  Like all Vaudeville/Decter mannequins, the Renee head can be used on almost any mannequin body pose that we offer at no additional cost.

African American Mannequin Renee Smiling Happy Vintage

Another shot of Renee/Afro-Brazilian.

Renee Smiling Black Mannequin Portrait

Here's Renee, in Cocoa African American, used on the set of the movie "Sparkle".

And this is Rielle.  We've been making Rielle since the earliest of the 1960's, and she's still the most popular smiling mannequin head that we offer.  Because smiles just don't go out of style.

Why are these mannequins still manufactured after 50 years? Because people still like mannequins with a smile. Happy mannequins that have personality.  

Mannequins that stop traffic, because they are different from all of their pouty, annoyed looking cousins. Want to see more mannequins with big smiles? Check out our Smile collection at



February 15, 2018