Vaudeville Mannequins

Mannequins for sale from the Vaudeville Mannequin Company, an American mannequin manufacturer.

Store display mannequins, including female mannequins, male mannequins, mannequin heads for wigs. Styles that you absolutely won't see anywhere else. An American mannequin manufacturer of custom made retail store fixture display mannequins. Terrific designer mannequins and forms-and all made here in the USA. We’re proud of that.

Need a mannequin head? We have amazingly realistic mannequin heads that are perfect for lace-front wigs. Our realistic mannequin heads for wigs include African-American, Asian, and Hispanic styles. Our black mannequin heads for lace-front wigs are the best available. We also offer millinery mannequin heads for hat display, as well as men’s mannequin display heads.

Abstract and Realistic Display Mannequins

We offer both abstract female mannequins and over 400 realistic female mannequin styles. Our "Sin" line of sexy female mannequins has the look of 1940’s pin-up girls. Our male mannequin selection is terrific-and you won't find them in every store in town. Every Vaudeville mannequin is available only from us-we make them in our factory in Los Angeles, CA.

Our mannequins, used in some of the finest department and specialty stores, are also seen in upscale New York City, NY department stores and tony San Francisco boutiques, Chicago, IL bridal shops, Los Angeles, CA lingerie and eveningwear retailers and manufacturers, and even museums.

These are not just retail store fixtures-they're men's and women's display mannequins from a very high quality mannequin manufacturer. Our company makes the best store display mannequins for sale anywhere. Our pricing is slightly less expensive than most, better manufacturers of quality store fixtures, mannequins and forms.

Please contact us for availability, photos, and pricing on any forms that you don't immediately find-we probably have them available (and if we don't-we'll guide you to someone who does!). This includes pants forms, bra forms, torso forms (both male and female), and other miscellaneous forms that you may not see here on the site.

The Vaudeville Mannequin Company is proud to present a large selection of male and female mannequins from Decter. You'll find our quality comparable to Adel Rootstein, Greneker Wolf and Vine, Patina V, and Hindsgaul mannequins and dress forms.

If you are a set decorator or a museum curator, please contact us. We have many styles of period and textile forms and mannequins available, including styles from the 1920's & the 1930's. 1950's and 1960's mannequins are no problem for us – we have original heads and wigs from that period available, as well as some absolutely terrific 1980's styles that will take you right back to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and the original Sherman Oaks Galleria. We also have custom capabilities for make-up and wigs.

And best of all, our vintage mannequin styles for sale on our Isadora and Tamera Nouveau pages.  1920's antique style mannequins that are just as gorgeous today.

Questions? Call 248 752 5757 and ask for Jim.